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Posted by Schalmauer Admin

Young, enthusiastic, kind, bright, confident, and of course beautiful…..These are just a few traits that come across when you meet Cynthia Samuel. Cynthia, who has been making her debut over the last year as Miss Universe Lebanon 2015 & Miss Lebanon 2015 First Runner Up, has both beauty and brains, our favourite kind of combination. To top it all off, she is also a humanitarian at heart. And we, at Schalmauer, are very excited about our amazing photo shoot with her (inspired, organised, and implemented by our uber-talented and creative Araxie Boyadjian). A short Q&A with Cynthia revealed:

Favorite Accessory: Scarves! I think they can complete an outfit easily. Any colour, any kind.

What attracted you to working with Schalmauer:I like knowing who made my scarf. So many of us are unaware of the living conditions of the people making our clothing. This is what’s different at Schalmauer. They empower the Nepalese women behind this product with more skills & income generation opportunities, enabling them to cater for themselves and their families. Also, the scarves feature some beautiful artwork, and one of the artists happens to be Lebanese. It makes me proud to bring attention to the strong art scene that resides in Lebanon.

As a representative of Lebanon, do you have any specific message to the public: My message is that I, for one, put a lot of thought into how much I should trust myself and the person I want to be. This is what eventually led me to where I am today. I say, believe in the person you want to become, stay positive and kind, and you will reach where you want to go.  

Do you believe that fashion can be used as a means to contribute positively to improving peoples lives?Yes I do, and Schalmauer is a great case in point. Fashion is a way of expressing one's self, and I have the honour of doing so through the work of Schalmauer, while also having the satisfaction of helping those in need.

Without further ado, check out the pictures of our scarves & be inspired….Available on our online shop!

Photo credit: Araxie Boyadjian