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Posted by Schalmauer Admin

Style icon and American designer Donna Karan once said “There is nothing more important than the scarf because you can wrap yourself in it, you can hide yourself in it, you can go make it into a dress, you can wrap it into a pillow and go sleep on the plane. So you always have to have a scarf with you no matter where you are."

Obviously, we couldn’t agree more!

The versatility of the scarf allows it to be used anywhere, and everywhere, in all seasons and for all occasions. It adds a touch of color to a plain and casual outfit, or acts as the charismatic and bold accessory that really makes an outfit stand out. Or, as with our Schalmauer scarves, it provides you with a rare piece of artwork which not only attracts attention, but gives you that trendy and chic vibe. Simply put, a Schalmauer scarf is a Fashion Statement which “feels good, and looks good”. Apart from being practical, it really is the Essential Accessory that you must have. And in our case, it also gives back! When you buy a Schalmauer, you are also empowering the Nepalese artisans – mostly women – with income generating activities as well as improving their living and working conditions.

So for those of you organizing your wardrobes ahead of all the fashion week madness, make sure to pack in a few of your favorite scarves!!

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