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Posted by Schalmauer Admin

It’s upon us again: Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a fresh relationship, a long marriage, or anywhere in between, you feel the pressure to mark the occasion with a gift. Most of us fall back on the classic candy-flower-chocolate combo, either because we couldn’t think of anything more creative, or because we left it too late. And while there is nothing wrong with that scenario, we at Schalmauer got you covered this year. Not only does our collection cater for all styles and personalities, adding a personal touch to your gift, but it also gives back to a good cause.

So take some time to find the perfect gift for your significant other by scrolling through our suggestions below:


If he is the Elegant type: Tuxedo Explosion “Take A Ride On The Wild Side’. The two-colored black and red scarf is the perfect accessory for a night out on the town, an evening of classical music, or anything with the dress code: suit.

For the Adventurous type: Sandstorm “Discover Your Adventurous Side”. The brown and beige colours transport us to wild travels, quads in the sand dunes, and other activities that are not for the faint-hearted.

The Party type: Dark Shades of Grey “I don’t do Romance”. Need we say more?

And for the Shy type: Waves “Dive Into Deep Waters”. Casual, comfort, and calmness – this is what we think of with this two-coloured deep blue and light beige combo.


If she is the Classical & Elegant type: Nothing says Love more than the Love V scarf, with artwork by globally renowned artist Wissam Shawkat. It features four squares, each one inscribed with the word “Love” in Arabic calligraphy. Its simplicity and elegance makes Love V a unique piece of art.

If she is into the Casual & Comfortable look: The “Dancing Love” scarf by talented artist Khalid Shahin is warm, alive, and joyous. The dark blue can be worn casually with jeans and is a striking and bold accessory to have.

For the Artistic & Free-spirited, the Sans Frontières scarf by artist Rachel Mohawege is the way to go. Lively colours and a powerful message of Peace - “Salam” - is at the heart of this artwork.


For the minimalist & unassuming among us, check out our Women’s Collection, which is simpler in nature with scarves that have vibrant colour combinations reflecting different moods, trends, and seasons.

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