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With over 10 years’ experience in the development field, the founders of Schalmauer are eager to contribute to the changing and challenging business environment that leaves many of the world’s poorest and most underprivileged behind. Schalmauer is built as a social enterprise, which has at its core the artisans working in the pashmina-making industry. Our unique model brings together the skilled Nepalese artisans, the talented artists and you, our ambassadors to create a handmade unique pashmina scarf with a story! As for the founders, their story is yet to be told…



“I’m encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun”    – Muhammad Yunus



Schallmauer is German for Sound Barrier. In our adaptation of the word, we bring together two concepts that are at the very heart of what we want to do – produce high-end scarves - Schal – through which we break down walls and barriers of poverty - Mauer. But let us take you to the beginning...

On a recent trip to Nepal, through a chance encounter, we met a local man employed in the pashmina industry. After spending some time with him, he showed us around the working site, where we witnessed the pashmina making process from start to finish. While this was such an eye-opening experience, it was in fact the women working in this industry that left the most lasting impression on us - disadvantaged, uneducated and barely managing to sustain themselves and their families. It was then that the idea of Schalmauer was created.

Schalmauer’s first collection, “Love and Peace”, launched in 2015, showcases the idea of a high end product that combines art and fashion with our desire to help those less fortunate.

What you see is therefore not just a simple scarf.  We are part of a larger story – one that has brought together experienced Nepalese artisans with globally renowned artists whose work is featured on our products. Together, they have created a unique handmade pashmina scarf, infused with vibrant colours and extraordinary artwork just for you. Every scarf has a message and a story that wants to be told!

And for us at Schalmauer, the artisans of Nepal – mostly women – are the ones who make the whole cycle of breaking down these walls and barriers possible. With every scarf you buy, you will be contributing towards improving their working and living conditions by providing them with opportunities to increase their skills and empowering them. 

Join the Journey…..



The Essential Accessory

Schalmauer is a luxurious product synonymous with quality and elegance. The product is made out of Pashmina wool which comes from the Chyangra mountain goat living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas of Nepal. The Pashmina is known around the world for its thin and fine fibres, making it among the best natural materials in the world for high quality scarves.

Each Schalmauer product is handmade. The scarves are traditionally hand loomed and hand dyed by our Nepalese artisans. The pashmina making process requires much effort, patience and attention to detail, and it is only because of the experience and craftsmanship of our artisans that Schalmauer is made possible. Each colour has been selected with much thought to radiate positivity, warmth and inspiration. Our artists, among the most talented global calligraphers, have contributed to making this scarf a unique piece by allowing us to use their artwork in a creative and innovative manner.

Schalmauer connects the dots between the artisans, the artists, and the ambassadors (the customers). 

Check out the scarves and be inspired.



Everything used in the making of this Schalmauer product is authentic and traditional – from the scarf, to the handmade Nepalese Lokta paper used in the final packaging stage. Each scarf comes in the Schalmauer "beutel" bag made of hemp and produced by the Nepalese artisans. All these ingredients contribute to sharing the Schalmauer story with our Ambassadors (customers).